Google Summer of Code 2021 | Coding Period @ Hydra Ecosystem| Week 1 & 2

Here comes the most interesting part of GSoC, The Coding Period.
After a 20 Days long community boding period I had a good understanding of the credit-risk domain knowledge and I already started working on small POC to have a clear perception of the Expectations & deliverables in the upcoming 10 weeks.

Week 1 ( June 7 — June 14)

We had a Conference call on the 7th of June where we discussed our targets & deliverables for the week.
As I already started working with the POC with the guidance of Open Risk, the tasks that I covered in the POC were :
1) Creating Non-Performing Loan JSON-LD Vocabulary.
2) Adding the NPL Vocab to API Doc context and creating API Doc with the defined classes & properties.

I Created the PR & got it reviewed with the mentors and made the changes that were asked.
After completion of API Doc, I set up the hydrus & tested all the CRUD operations with the POSTMAN.
In this duration, I found two more issues in the hydra-python-core
1) Changing the Default hydra class endpoint to True.
2) Changing the hydra core fetching to the W3C version.

The Issues & PRs I created in the first week :

Week 2 (June 14 — June 21)

After the completion of first week we had a conference call on 15th of June, all the last week deliverables were discussed and pending PRs were merged.

Tasks accomplished in week 2 are :

  1. Updated the with all the details regarding API Doc, classes & properties it contains and how to start the hydrus server.
  2. Re-structured the creditrisk-poc repository according to the python standards.
  3. Added Functional tests for the creditrisk API using pytest.
  4. Added Collateral class and linked it to Loan class using FORIEGN KEY
  5. Created Data Generator for Loan, Borrower & Collateral Class.
  6. Added Functionality Doc for the creditrisk API using POSTMAN.

With all these tasks we accomplished a good state for the simple poc. Next target will be to extend the classes & properties to make more realistic loan portfolio data.

These two weeks were amazing for me, I have learned alots of new things like :
1) Python standards for structuring the repository.
2) Explored more about pytest.
3) learned more about JSON-LD.
4) last but not the least deep dived into the hydrus code base.

I want to thank my mentors Lorenzo M. , Open Risk, Chris Andrew, Priyanshu Nayan, samesh and my colleague Hasan Faraz Khan for the continuous support & guidance.

One of the best parts of development is that,
the more you dive in, the more you get to know that there is a lot to know…

Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks.

Feel free to reach out to me.